All change

11th June 2008 (16 years ago)

I had three weeks of exams for my final year at University of Essex and dissertation presentation before that. The exams were over almost two weeks ago now and since then I have catching up with other work and starting a few of my own projects I have been thinking about lately.

I have been gennerally been working on the way I integrate websites for customers in future, and making my source code for web applications more structured and re-usable. There are several useful segments of code I have written over the years and I feel it would be beneficial to make them more generic so they can be added to new projects more easily and extended.

The management system I developed a few years ago for the family business website has proven to be successfull and new features have been developed regularly. The system handles all the areas associated with renting out property to holiday makers, such as storing customer details, managing availability, updating the website and printing letters. With a proven system like this that does so much, I'm sure other businesses could make use of it so am making it more generic.

Aside from these I have several other ideas in the pipeline inspired from courses I took in 'Image Processing' and 'Further Concepts in Databases' but you'll have to wait for further details at a later date. I also feel the urge to contribute source code to a few open source projects so expect to see developments in this area in future.