Introducing: Another Blog

2nd February 2008 (16 years ago)

I set-up this blog a few months ago and it's just been kicking 'round doing nothing. So, here we go--my first blog post.

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Essex University. This blog will hopefully allow me to document my thoughts and provoke discussions on matters that are relevant. I have a small web design business that has been running for a few years now, and a wiki which I add to whenever I solve a problem--It's mainly so I don't forget, but you may also find it useful. Things that interest me and will be covered in this blog are:

  • Web development (CSS, XHTML, server-side scripting)
  • Graphic design (print and 3D--notably Blender)
  • Linux (FOSS, community, Gentoo, Ubuntu)
  • Servers (Web, email, SQL, backups)
  • Programming languages (PHP, Java, C, C++, Ruby, Python etc.)
  • Recreation (Snowboarding, Jazz--Saxophone, cars--Minis)

Anyway, thanks for reading so far and hope you have a use for this blog.